Kia Continues Working Toward a Greener Tomorrow

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For the past 15 years, Kia has been working in a conscious, deliberate manner to become a leader in eco-friendly management. As a large company, Kia recognizes the important role that it plays in protecting the environment, as well as its potential to lead others by example.

To focus its environmental efforts, Kia is proud to adhere to a five-tiered eco-friendly strategy. These tenets work in tandem to help the automaker reduce its carbon footprint while also building a team of eco-conscious, well informed employees.

ECO-Friendly Management

A key goal of Kia’s eco-friendly management approach is to create an enterprise system for managing key environmental performance indicators. This includes building a system to track information pertaining to global environmental regulations, as well as working within these parameters to share growth among Kia and its partners.

Kia and the environment

Green Growth

Pertaining to the future, this green growth initiative is founded on Kia’s commitment to focusing on environmentally conscious vehicles. By rolling out more highly fuel efficient cars and also researching more alternative fuels, Kia can help drivers around the globe to minimize their carbon footprints, too.

Crisis Management

When things go wrong, being prepared is key. Kia is committed to being properly trained and equipped to deal with the unexpected, keeping communication open among stakeholders, and having contingency plans in place to deal with unexpected turns in events.

ECO-Friendly Production

Kia’s cars are geared toward a more environmentally friendly future, and so are they facilities at which they’re made. Kia aims to improve eco efficiency and reduce pollution at all of its plants, helping to better manage air, water, waste, chemicals, and metals to better protect the environment.

Kia Soul EV

Resource Circulations

Speaking of managing materials, Kia is also working to increase its recycling to minimize waste. With the ultimate goal of attaining zero landfill and zero incineration of waste status, Kia is focus on eliminating the word “waste” from its vocabulary.

To learn more about Kia’s environmental initiatives, as well as how we’re supporting these goals here at Preston Kia, be sure to contact us by calling (844) 286-7906 today!

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