Tips for Taking a Baby on a Road Trip

December 21st, 2017 by

Road Trip

When taking a road trip with only adults, it’s easy enough to hop in the car with a weekend bag and see where the traffic takes you. However, it’s a lot different when traveling with a baby. You’ll need more gear and need to plan ahead in order to have the most successful road trips possible. Here are some tips that you can use to take a baby on a road trip successfully.

Plan Ahead

When traveling with a baby, it’s important to plan ahead. Without a baby, you can stop wherever you want for the night, even in a hostel, if that means it will save you money. However, you’ll want to stay in a safe location when you’re traveling with a baby. You may even want to stay in a hotel that has a crib available for infants. Plan ahead for each step of your journey to make it less stressful for determining where exactly to stay.

Expect the Trip to Make More Time

Traveling with a baby on the road will take more time than traveling without an infant. If the trip is supposed to take three hours, plan on it taking five. You’ll need to stop to feed the baby and change the baby’s diaper. If the baby is breastfed, expect the trip to take even longer.

Incorporate Baby-Friendly Entertainment

Long car rides can be boring for kids. With babies, they won’t be able to play with a gaming console or watch videos on a tablet to entertain themselves. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to entertain a baby on a long car ride. You can hang toys from a car seat band so the baby can look at them and interact with them. Fun kids’ songs can help calm your baby in the car. Placing a baby-safe mirror where your baby can see it can provide a lot of entertainment for your baby.

Bring Snacks

If your baby is old enough to eat solids, bring snacks that are car friendly. You don’t want to provide them with snacks that require spoons or will make a mess. Just make sure that you carefully supervise your baby when they eat, preferably not sitting alone in the back seat of your car where they can choke on food. Having snacks on hand can cut down on unexpected stops, which can help you save time overall.

Think About the Worst-Case Scenarios

With babies, the worst-case scenarios always happen. You have a blowout diaper when you’ve run out of wipes. You need to wipe their nose when you don’t have a tissue on hand. Try to think about what worst case scenarios could happen and plan for them. For instance, investing in a safe car seat, extra wipes, and infant Tylenol can make the ride much smoother.

Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a road trip. Use these tips to have a more pleasant road trip with a baby. You’ll be more prepared and relaxed.

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